Introducing C.J. Mostert (Neels)
Senior Software Developer
I am a Senior Software Developer with 4 years experience in developing:
- 3-tier,
- OO,
- Client-Server
- Database / Flat file,
based applications. I enjoy a challenge and researching the best solution.
Clients & Employees:
1. Absa Bank South Africa: Market Risk Senior Software Developer
2. TMA Investment House: Software Developer and Support
3. Federal Express International Couriers: Software Developer
4. One Tecnology Group: Software Developer
Job description at clients:
Absa Bank South Africa:
I develop applications for the Market Risk environment. These applications made extencive use of:
- Flat files,
- MS Access Databases,
- Reuters International SDK,
- FTP Engens,
- Risk Watch
I played a major part in automating all the manual processes throughout the entire ETL run.

TMA Investment House:
I developed applications interfacing with existing Databases and processes. This development supported the smooth integration of TMA into Investec Ivestment Bank..

Federal Express International Couriers:

Cream and pale green.
Registered At:
Target, the Pottery Barn, and Pier 1
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